Ballast Control

International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), in conjunction with the Nautical Institute, has developed a standard for a comprehensive stability training course based on IMO Assembly Resolution A.891(21).


This course is intended to fulfill the international flag state training requirements for Ballast Control Operator (BCO), Barge Supervisor (BS), and Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) licenses serving aboard an MOU. The system has been officially approved for individuals seeking those licenses on vessels registered in the Marshall Islands and Vanuatu.


The course has also been designed as the starting point for an IADC Ballast Control Operator (BCO) Certification, which qualified individuals can obtain upon documentation of sea time and verified completion of key ballast control tasks.


This document is provided as a reference to the specifications and characteristics of these two programmes. It is divided into the following sections:


Part 1 – Provider Accreditation. This section describes the basic specifications of the training provider accreditation system, including instructor qualifications and course guidelines.


Part 2 – BCO Certification. This section describes the process under which a qualified individual can obtain IADC certification as a Ballast Control Operator, including requirements for documentation and recertification.