Recognised Institutions & Courses

The purpose of The Nautical Institute recognition scheme is to endorse the processes and procedures used in the design, delivery, review and improvement of a maritime training product or service. It does not seek to observe delivery of that product or service, to inspect premises, to consult with trainees/customers or evaluate technical content, though it reserves the right to do so at any time. The scheme does not seek to replace or replicate national or international regulatory certification, nor is it connected therewith. Any personal data collected by The Nautical Institute in the administration of this scheme remains confidential to The Nautical Institute and will be stored and used for quality and training purposes only.


Please find the list of Nautical Institute recognised CPD courses below. Please contact the training centres directly for further information. 





Navigation Assessments Services


Marine Institute      Centre for Marine Simulation Marine Institute of Memorial University

                                                    Polar Navigation Basic and Advanced Training Program


Constanta Maritime University 

    Constanta Maritime University

      Marine Surveying Course

      High Voltage Safety and Maintenance Course  

      ECDIS – TRANSAS Type Specific

     Cargo Surveyor Course






EMCS International Ltd

Ship Superintendent Training 





Gydnia SchoolThe Gdynia Maritime School

Basic Theory and Applied Stability Course for Ballast Control Operators

Stability Practical Training Course for Ballast Control Operators

Stability Practical Training Course for Ballast Control Operators – Refresher 

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

DP Course for Sailors of Yachts Power and Sail

Free Fall Lifeboat Training with the use of FFB Simulator

                                                   Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency with Compressed air emergency breathing (BOSIET)

                                                   Jackup Simulator Course

Glasgow Maritime AcademyGlasgow Maritime Academy LLP

Assessment, Examination and Certification of Seafarers’ Training (ASECT) – Model Course 3.12 (Abridged)

ISM Lead Auditors Course

Port Skills/Barge Master Training 

Safety Training for Ships using LNG as a Fuel

Tanker Vetting & Ship Shore Interface

Thorough Examination of Portable Lifting Equipment & Accessories


Green Bow Maritime Ltd



Green Bow Maritime Ltd

CybERAlert™ A Cyber Security Awareness Course







GTT Training

GTT Training Ltd

LNG as a Marine Fuel and Bunkering Operations

LNG Ship to Ship Operations – Including Oil STS







International Maritime & Offshore Safety Training institute (IMOSTI)

Offshore Ship Handling Course with Anchor Handling and Towing

Offshore Winch Training

Ship Simulator Course 



Keelson Marine Assurance



Keelson Marine Assurance LLC

Keelson Academy Dynamic Positioning Craft Expertise Review Tool






Kongsberg Maritime do Brasil Ltd

Position Reference Systems Operator Course Brazil (Course A)

DP Operator Refresher Course

DPO Refresher Course for Drilling



Korea Maritime and Ocean University 


Korea Maritime and Ocean University

Dynamic Positioning Appreciation Course

Dynamic Positioning FMEA Course



Lerus Group 


Lerus Group, Ukraine

Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) on board training - Denar 2 (DP1/Survey & ROV Support Vessel)





M4S Maritime   M4S Maritime

   Company Security Officer Training Course

   DPA training Course

   Maritime Lead Auditor Training Course

                                                   ISM Internal Auditor


Maersk Training


  Maersk Training Brazil

  Shiphandling for Offshore Vessels - Training Course

  Anchor Handling Simulation Advanced - Training Course

  Anchor Handling Simulation - Training Course

  DP Familiarisation Course   




    Makarov Training Centre 

      Basic Training for ships operating in polar waters

      Advanced Training for ships operating in polar waters



Marine Offshore Consultancy


Marine Offshore Consultancy


Rig Move & Jacking Operations MasterClass©



Njord Mark        Njord Mark Ltd

            Safety and Wellness Management Course 




PT Azureus Simulator Asia



PT Azureus Simulator Asia

Offshore Ship Handling Course  







Safebridge GmbH

Manufacturer Approved ECDIS Type-Specific Online Training







   Managing Marine Emergencies Course






University of Plymouth


  University of Plymouth

   MSc International Shipping





University of Plymouth


  SeaWays Consultants Pty Ltd

   Use of Effective Use of Tugs for Pilots & Exempt Masters