Assessing Behavioural Competence Onboard

Type and Purpose
Based on the IMO Model Course 1.30, this 2.5 day course introduces the processes and procedures to organize, administer and conduct onboard assessment of seafarer competence, in accordance with the provisions of section A-1/6 of the STCW Code and TMSA 3 - Element 3. 

The Nautical Institute (The NI) ONBOARD ASSESSMENT COURSE has been designed to provide industry guidance for participants who engage in assessment of seafarers. This course is primarily intended for any person conducting in-service assessment of competence of a seafarer on board. These would usually comprise senior shipboard officers (management level), including ship officers who are due for promotion and career development, but may also be suitable for shipboard personnel at operational level or experienced shore-based instructors with sufficient onboard expertise.
Certificate Awarded: Certificate of Completion
The management and operational level deck and engine officers or experienced shore-based instructors with sufficient onboard expertise are eligible to attend the course. They should meet the standards set out in the STCW Convention, 1978, as amended.
The course is suitable for:
•Captains and senior ship officers
•Technical and marine superintendents
•Designated persons ashore (DPA)
•Operational ship managers
This is a Pass/Fail course. To achieve a Pass status participants must:
•Complete a theoretical assessment (administered by the Nautical Institute) with a mark of at least 70%.
•Demonstrate an ability to complete all required elements of practical assessment tasks, to the satisfaction of the instructor.
Course Aims
A trainee successful in completing the course will be able to:
1.Apply the international provisions concerning the training and assessment of officers and ratings on board ships.
2.Apply the international provisions in the context of national law.
3.Determine effective assessment methodologies.
4.Organize, administer and conduct onboard assessment.
Major Topics:  
•Shipboard assessment system
•Competence-based assessment
•Onboard assessment process
•Preparation for the assessment
•Conduct pre-assessment briefing
•Observe performance and record the results
•Evaluate the process and determine the assessment outcome
•Assessment debrief
Duration: 2.5 days (20 hours)

To find out more or to book your place, please email or click here to be taken to the main Nautical Institute website.

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