Are there any minimum entry requirements to attend the course?


No, there are no minimum entry requirements, but the required standard is quite high. Therefore, experience in stability of ships or MODU would be an advantage.



Does the NI provide the certification for Ballast control – Course operator or Course B?


No, this certificate for the operator is issued and provided by IADC. The Nautical Institute only accredits the training providers who deliver the course. To see training providers accredited, go to ‘Accredited Training Centres’.



Does the NI provide the logbooks for Ballast control & stability training?


No. Candidate must apply for training and contact IADC to obtain a logbook.



What is the difference between a Class A and Class B certificate?


Class A is a class B certificate with the addition of a simulator course undertaken under full motion ballast control simulator.

Class B certificate is a comprehensive stability course undertaken in a classroom.



Who recognizes this certificate?


Vanuato and Marshall Island flag states recognizes the certificate, but is a requirement that most Oil and Drilling companies would insist that the operator holds this certificate.

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