Important News

Ice Navigation Scheme Launch

July 2017


On 1st July 2017, The Nautical Institute Launched the new Ice Navigation Scheme. Click here for more information and downloadable documents.

You can also read the Nautical Institute Press Release here.



Recruitment scam for seafarers


Please see below information that the NI has received from Swire Pacific Offshore in relation to fraudulent emails being sent in their name:

It has been brought to our attention that several seafarers have recently received emails from purported “representatives” of Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO), offering the recipients various seafaring positions in the Company. Please take notice that this is a fraudulent scam and these purported “representatives” have nothing to do with SPO. The fraudsters operate under various psuedonyms such as ‘Philip Owens’ and ‘Christopher Douglas’.

This appears to be a similar scam to that encountered last year, in respect of which we have lodged advisory warnings on our corporate website as seen in this link,



DP Revalidation Course

January 2017


The DP Revalidation Course is now available for those who do not have the required 150 DP sea time days to revalidate their DP Certificate. You can find the list of accredited training centres here. For more information on the course please check our new Accreditation and Certification Standard V1 - Jan 2017, and our Revalidation help pages  



Nautical Institute Revalidation Logbook

January 2017


undefinedThe Nautical Institute Revalidation Logbook is now available for purchase at a cost of £25.00 (excluding VAT). Please see the logbook order form here. Please note that the name and DP Certificate number will be entered in the logbook when issued.


This new green logbook is A5 sized with 60 pages and a  flexible cover designed to be more lightweight that the  previous A5 logbooks. This logbook can be used for the revalidation of the Offshore DP Certificate and Shuttle Tanker DP Certificate. It can also be used for the conversion of a DP Certificate.

Please visit our Revalidation and Converting Help  Pages for more details.



NMD To NI DP Certificate equivalency

November 2016


In 2004, the NI made an agreement with the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (NMD) to accept their DP certificates for the award of an equivalent Nautical Institute DP certificate. This position was reaffirmed by DPTEG in November 2014.
The NI offers existing NMD certificate holders the opportunity to convert to a Nautical Institute DP certificate if they meet the criteria for NI revalidation.
Full details of the application can be found on the revalidation page
If training centres or shipping companies are approached by NMD certificate holders, they are advised to refer them to The Nautical Institute in the first instance, to advise them on what steps to take and to ensure that their accounts have been set up to accept their online applications.



Having some I.T. issues with the online application?

November 2015


Please check here if the scenario you are facing is under test or development and get instructions on how to proceed in these scenarios: Advice to DP Applicants - Nov 2015



Offshore Logbook - Task Sections

July 2015


Affecting logbook numbers with the range of 15OF0205001 and 15OF0210000

If you have been issued with an Offshore scheme logbook with a number between 15OF0205001 to 15OF0210000, please note the training centre which originally issued that logbook will be contacting you shortly. They will supply additional pages containing the sign-off sheets for tasks that are missing in those numbered logbooks only.

These extra task sheets will need to be filled in by the DPO and Master on board and added to your application when you are ready to apply for your certificate. If you have a logbook with one of the above numbers, these four tasks will be accepted if they are signed off during Phase D DP seatime. All other tasks must be completed during Phase B, as per the scheme standard. The application will be deemed unsuccessful if the tasks in the logbook are not signed off correctly.

Please see below circular for more information and copies of the additional pages.

Circular 007/2015 with additional task sections missing in the Offshore logbook.