Ice Navigation

Launched in July 2017, The Nautical Institute’s Ice Navigator Training Accreditation and Certification Scheme complements training requirements required under the Polar Code with a global standard in training and certification of Ice Navigators. 


While the Polar Code Basic and Advanced Polar Waters Training certificates are required for some officers onboard certain SOLAS vessels in Polar Waters, the Nautical Institute certification was developed to focus on actual ship handling and operations of vessels in ice regimes wherever they may be encountered throughout the globe.  The NI Ice Navigator builds upon the basic Polar Code and STCW requirements with additional elements ensuring certificated officers are both trained and experienced in the manoeuvring of vessels in ice covered waters in any region.


The NI Standard complies with relevant IMO resolutions and identifies the skills, competencies and experience that are expected of an ice navigator.  Officers that obtain NI Ice Navigator Level 1 or Level 2 Certification will possess an internationally recognised level of experience and competence in operation of ships in ice.


Training centres interested in being approved for the Ice Navigation Scheme can download the Standard here.


Please contact for further accreditation information.