Vessel Traffic Services Operator Training (audit)

Scheme of Audit for Accreditation in Accordance with IALA S1050


The Nautical Institute (NI) offers a scheme of audit to enable accreditation by a competent authority of VTS training in accordance with IALA standards and recommendations.

For those competent authorities looking for specialist resources in this area, the NI offers a proven, cost effective service that will not only meet the international standard, but as a professional body and NGO will work to continually improve it for the benefit of all.

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Why accredit?


As of May 2018, the IALA General Assembly approved a suite of seven IALA Standards, including making the recommendations on training and certification of VTS and AtoN personnel, as well as the associated accreditation scheme for training organisations delivering IALA Model Courses, normative.

IALA Standard S1040 focuses specifically on VTS while S1050 focuses on training and certification. In addition, IALA Recommendation O-149 covers the accreditation of training organisations. Supporting documentation from IALA for VTS and VTS training includes Recommendation R0103 and the suite of supporting model courses, Guideline 1014 (edition 3) on the accreditation and approval process for VTS Training, and a number of other related Guidelines.

Accreditation is defined by the NI as the systematic verification, in accordance with defined standards, of the processes, procedures, methods and techniques employed to deliver a maritime training product or service. For example, with DP, the NI accredits both training institutes and training programmes against industry standards. For VTS, the NI can provide audit services, leading to accreditation by a competent authority, as defined by the IALA Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines.

Training providers seeking accreditation from a competent authority will be able to demonstrate that their product or service meets the standard required for accreditation through an audit by the NI. The award of accreditation by a competent authority is normally valid for a period of not more than five years. Within the IALA accreditation framework, the competent authority of a member country issues the accreditation through direct contact with IALA. The NI can provide all services leading to the accreditation by a competent authority including an audit and report, to which the competent authority can refer to when notifying IALA of accreditation of VTS training.


Why choose The Nautical Institute?


The NI is offering its services to competent authorities and training organisations in compliance with the requirements of IALA in line with Standard S1050 (Standard for Training and Certification), Recommendation O-149 (Accreditation of training organisations) and Recommendation R0103 (formerly V-103) (Standards for Training and Certification of VTS Personnel). 

The NI will carry out the audits on behalf of the competent authority and report back to them with professional recommendations.

In addition, through its membership of IALA, the NI will provide feedback on VTS training to ensure that standards continually improve.


Download the Scheme of Audit for Accreditation below: