Scheme Guidance

To obtain an NI Ballast Control Operators Certificate, the following elements must be completed:

  •          Basic Stability Course
  •          Advanced Stability Course
  •          Emergency Training
  •          Continuous BCO Assessment


The applicant must be able to show documented sea service on a relevant mobile offshore unit.


BCO logbook must be successfully completed and a signed confirmation letter from the master/OIM confirming the logbook entries.

  •          180 days of service is required within five years


The applicant must hold an STCW (white list) certificate of competency (COC) as recognised by the administration (IMO Res A.1079).




A lapsed operator who wishes to obtain a current BCO certificate must provide their previous proof of service as a BCO, including evidence of 180 days of sea service as a BCO or second BCO within the past 5 years, together with a company letter of confirmation from the owners of MODU. If he/she is unable to prove the required sea service, the NI will accept a statutory declaration of sea service, i.e. on the approved form signed in the presence of Justice of the Peace, lawyer, and solicitor.


BCO Self Declaration Form


Template of Ballast Control Operator confirmation letter: BCO Confirmation letter template