CPD App Information

The Key DP Personnel continuing professional development (CPD) learning programme has been developed by IMCA to provide valuable CPD and learning to Key DP Personnel who perform a safety critical role onboard offshore DP vessels. 


The scheme is designed to help all key DP personnel maintain their technical knowledge of the latest industry guidance and operational best practice and to meet the requirements for revalidation of The Nautical Institute DPO certificates. The EDApp expands professional awareness of the latest IMCA/industry guidance; DP safety bulletins; DP exercises and training drills; and assists in improving safety and operational efficiency offshore as well as technical knowledge. 


The CPD app draws on the long-term commitment to DP and all key DP Personnel by both the NI and IMCA. For more than 25 years, IMCA has operated the industry’s DP event reporting scheme. These reports are published as ‘lessons learned’ for the benefit of the whole industry, generating leading industry guidance that will form a mainstay of the CPD scheme. In addition, the scheme benefits from the considerable efforts by the NI in the creation and regular updating of the DPO Handbook which was first published in 2008. Feedback on the scheme from industry has been very positive in recognising CPD as an effective means of combatting knowledge and skill fade. 


Allen Leatt, IMCA’s CEO explained: 


“IMCA’s heritage is rooted in Dynamic Positioning so we recognise the significant role Key DP personnel play in our industry, therefore expanding the scope of this CPD to reach all key players is a natural progression in improving safety and efficiency offshore. Our DP event reporting scheme reveals that human factors often influence undesirable DP station keeping events. We are already seeing the CPD programme helping to improve safety and risk management of DP operations in our industry – extending the scheme will further support this. 


We continue to see very encouraging results in the diving industry thanks to long standing certification schemes and our Diving Supervisor CPD app introduced in 2020 and we are starting to see a similar trend with this scheme.” 


The CPD App Content 


The learning programme’s content is derived from more than 25 years of DP committee work by IMCA’s members creating a large volume of industry-leading guidance. The content is also derived from the considerable effort by the NI in the creation and regular updating of the DPO handbook. 


The content is based on modules of learning. Each module of learning contains courses based on 6 different categories as follows: 

  •      DP Regulation & Guidance 
  •      DP Functional Requirements 
  •      DP Knowledge Enhancement 
  •      DP Operations 
  •      DP Redundancy Concepts 
  •      DP Testing & Trials 


Each category is further divided into different units. 


Delivery of Course 


The content has been designed for use on mobile devices. The delivery of the content is through the EdApp application software which is a mobile device learning management software. The application is available across a wide range of operating systems, for example, IoS and Android, and the app functionality provides offline capability meaning the content remains available without internet connection, an important factor for seagoing personnel. 


Registration and payment for the app is undertaken via the NI Alexis Platform which is accessible by all Key DP Personnel who wish to purchase the CPD programme. 


Signing up for a module 


To purchase and complete the Modules for the Dynamic Positioning Operators CPD App you will need to hold an NI Alexis Platform account. You do not need to have been issued with an NI DP Certificate to access the modules. 


Once you have created your account, please login using the DP Login option at the top of the page. Scroll down on your account homepage and you will see a new section called Nautical Institute DPO CPD app. 




You can click the 'Book a new course' option which will take you through to see which modules are available to you. Once you have purchased the module, you will be able to click the link which will show under the Action heading and this will take you through to EdApp where you can access the module.


Purchased modules will be available for registered learners.


New modules will be released every six months and these will be available on your account to buy 6 months after you complete the previous one. Course completion certificates will be available through EdApp once the final exam in the module has been passed.