We have produced the below FAQs following the launch of the scheme and early feedback.

These will be updated as necessary. 


Why have we created a CPD application for the DP community?


The Nautical Institute (NI) and IMCA set out to provide continuous professional development (CPD) to Key DP Personnel who perform a safety critical role onboard offshore DP vessels. Through the analysis of IMCAs DP station Keeping Event Reporting scheme, IMCA recognises that human factors are a significant contributor to many DP station keeping events. Consequently, a dedicated Key DP Personnel CPD will enable the individual to focus on why it is important to follow the industry good practice referenced in the application to ensure safe and efficient DP operations.


We truly believe that the app is unique – it has content directly from the most up to date guidance produced by IMCA and the lessons and learning opportunities from DP station keeping events of which IMCA’s database and reporting scheme is unparalleled within industry.


Is the application free?


No. There is a small charge for access to each module of learning. The fee is used to offset the costs of establishing the scheme initially and more importantly to ensure future content remains high quality and relevant. It is important to note that all IMCA guidance referenced within the module of learning is directly available from the app free of charge.


Are the modules supposed to be undertaken on one sitting?


No, however the option exists to do so. The modules have been designed to consist of a number of subjects and lessons within each subject. Module 1 has 35 individual lessons so each lesson can be undertaken individually when time permits and we believe the optimal learning opportunity is to undertake the module over a longer period of time in small bite size chunks.


How often are modules released?


A new module is planned to be launched every 6 months. Each module released will be supplemented by the relevant IMCA guidance related to the particular subject.


What topics does a module consist of?


Each module contains subjects  from the following 6 categories:

  •          DP Regulation & Guidance
  •          DP Functional Requirements
  •          DP Knowledge Enhancement
  •          DP Operations
  •          DP Redundancy Concepts
  •          DP Testing & Trials


Module 2 will introduce IMCA’s DP station keeping event scheme and how these are used for the benefit of industry in terms of learning opportunities. We anticipate that every module thereafter will contain DP station keeping event bulletins and case studies.


Is it mandatory to undertake this CPD application?


No, there is currently no compulsory form of continuous professional development however the scheme satisfies the criteria of IMCA M117, Training & Experience of Key DP Personnel. The intent of the application is to ensure that technical knowledge of the latest industry practices is up to date and measured. This will ensure professional currency with the latest IMCA / industry guidance, DP safety bulletins, DP exercise and training drills, and help prevent knowledge and skill fade. 


How is the application delivered?


The application is available on desktop and mobile devices. The content has been optimised for mobile devices and is available across most operating platforms. There is offline functionality that can be selected to allow learning to continue without an internet connection, for example, at sea or in flight.


How do I register for the application?


You need to hold an account on the NI Alexis Platform and then the Module can be purchased through your account homepage. If you already have an NI DP Certificate or are in the process of applying, you already have an account. If you don’t have an account then registration is easy. You can find further details here


Do I have to start with module 1?


Yes, the modules will need to be done in sequential order e.g. Module 2 will be available 6 months after completion of Module 1 and so on.


I have an account with EdApp through a different online course. Can I use the same account for this?


Unfortunately no. The EdApp system does not currently allow you to use the same email account to access content from different companies so you would need to use a different email address for your account on the NI Alexis Platform which will then link through to EdApp.


Where do I find my Certificate of Completion?


You can download your certificate through your account directly from EdApp. Your record will also show on your NI Alexis account.