DPVM Revalidation Timeline

Revalidation of DP Vessel Maintainer Certificate


To revalidate your DPVM Certificate in 2026, in addition to the 150 days of sea time or equivalent, you will also need to:


  • Complete the NI DP Refresher Course  


  • Be enrolled in a NI-approved Continuing Professional Development programme AND undertake the on-line examination. 


To ensure all applicants have enough time to meet the requirements, we will be introducing the changes gradually. Although your revalidation may not be due until 2026 or beyond, it is important you understand this requirement now. 



  • If you have between 30 -150 days of sea time - You must complete the NI DP Refresher Course


  • If you have less than 30 days of sea time - You must complete the NI DP Revalidation Course



Note:  All DPVessel Maintainerswhose certificates are due to expire from 1stJanuary 2026, and have been unable to complete the new requirements for revalidating their certificate, will be issued with a 3-month indemnity letter once their online application has been submitted/paid. The applicant must complete the new requirements of the CPD and/or courses and resubmit their application within 3 months of the issue date of the letter to be eligible to apply. 


The indemnity letter is not to be used by the applicant to complete any of the sea time requirements for their application.


The list of accredited training centres can be found here