Fees & Application

All Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) Schemes:


Please note that the 2024 price of submitting a DP application is as follows:


Initial Certification :  £190.00 (+ VAT where applicable)


Revalidation : £179.00 (+ VAT where applicable)


CPD Revalidation Online Exam : £70.00 (+ VAT where applicable)



Dynamic Positioning Vessel Maintainer (DPVM) Schemes:


DPVM Exam : £110.00 (+ VAT where applicable)


DPVM Logbook : £50.00 (+ VAT where applicable)


Initial Certification :  £75.00 (+ VAT where applicable)


DPVM Revalidation Online Exam : Not yet available


*Note all above fees are subject to VAT if applicable. 


*Certification fee includes the verification of DP logbook and courier services to return documents to the applicant.


*Fees are non-refundable.


*Payment can be completed by most major credit/debit cards using PayPal or Worldpay. 


The Nautical Institute strongly recommends that applicants check the verification and logbook guidelines before applying for a DP certificate. There are also application guides.