Guidance & Application

DP Certificate Conversion Options

If you hold a Nautical Institute DP Certificate you are able to convert this certificate. Please see the list of available conversion below:


  • Unclassed DP Certificate to Limited DP Certificate
  • Unclassed DP Certificate to Unlimited Certificate
  • Limited Certificate to Shuttle Tanker DP Certificate
  • Unlimited DP Certificate to Shuttle Tanker DP Certificate
  • Limited DP Certificate to Unlimited DP Certificate (upgrade)


Revalidation Logbook Guide

The Nautical Institute Revalidation Logbook is now available to purchase online. Please click here to order. Please note that the name and DP Certificate number will be entered in the logbook when issued.


This new green logbook is A5 sized with 60 pages and a flexible cover designed to be more lightweight than the previous A5 logbooks. This logbook can be used for the revalidation of the Offshore DP Certificate and Shuttle Tanker DP Certificate. It can also be used for the conversion of a DP Certificate.


To assist in the completing of the logbook, we have issued a guidance document explaining the different sections of the logbook and how to add the correct information.



Revalidation Logbook Guide - V1 - Jan 2017