Forms & Documents


Below you can find a range of downloadable documents to assist with the DP certification process. If the form that you are looking for is not found, please contact the DP team.


Approval to start the DP scheme

NI DPO Request Form - Marine Vocational Qualification


Duplicate Documents – Stolen/Lost documents or Replacement certificates

DP Certificate Application Form - Jan 2019 - For ordering Duplicate Documents

DP Credit Card Form - Jan 2019 - For ordering Duplicate Documents


Additional Forms

Section C - DP Seagoing Familiarisation Declaration - For Old Offshore Scheme

Phase B - Task Sections - For New Offshore Scheme Grey Logbook

Section F - For Blue/Green Logbook

Section F - For Black Logbook

Phase E Statement of Suitability - For New Offshore Scheme Grey Logbook


Upgrading from a Limited DP Certificate to an Unlimited DP Certificate

DP Section F Upgrade Guidance

Section F Upgrade - For upgrading from a Limited to a Full/Unlimited certificate


Confirmation Letters

Confirmation Letter Template - For  Old Offshore Scheme only

Confirmation Letter Template - For New Offshore Scheme

Confirmation Letter Example - For New Offshore Scheme


Having trouble paying online?

 Common Problems with Credit Card Payments