Scheme Details and Requirements

The Nautical Institute world-leading certification scheme for Dynamic Positioning Operators (DPOs) has broadened its reach with a pathway dedicated to the renewables sector.


The DP Self-Elevating Platform (Jack-up) training, launching in Janaury 2019, is tailored to the needs of DPOs working in the increasingly popular renewable energy sector and uses the same Offshore logbook for recording the time on board the vessel, but with specifically developed tasks for these specialist vessels.


DPOs completing the DP Self-Elevating Platform (Jack-up) training scheme will receive a ‘Restricted to Self-Elevating Platform DP Certificate.


Trainees DPOs record days on board the DP vessel and the number of DP Operations. A minimum of 120 days on board a DP classed vessel plus 30 DP operations must be completed along with the task sections. 


The task section for DP Self-Elevating Platform (Jack-up) scheme has been developed in collaboration with employers in the renewable sector. A separate task section document has been produced which will replace the task sections within the offshore logbook as well as an additional form to record the DP operations. 


A synopsis of the new scheme is illustrated below:

Self-Elevating Platform (Jack-up) DP Scheme flow