Accreditation Standard

Accreditation is defined by The Nautical Institute as the systematic verification of the processes, procedures, methods and techniques employed to deliver a maritime training product or service in accordance with standards defined, co-developed and approved by The Nautical Institute with industry stakeholders. Accredited training providers have demonstrated that their product or service meets the standard required for Nautical Institute accreditation. This award is valid for a period of not more than three years.


A training centre wishing to offer DP courses formally applies to The Nautical Institute. The Institute arranges an audit to assess the courses delivered by that training provider and verifies that they meet the standards defined by DPTEG and described in this document. 


What is accredited?


There are two required courses within the training scheme that leads to either a Limited or an Unlimited DP Operator Certificate, the DP Induction Course and the DP Simulator Course. Both of these courses last between four and five days and should contain a minimum of 28 hours of tuition. A centre receives accreditation to deliver both courses. Accreditation will not be given to a centre that delivers only one of the two courses. Trainee DP operators on the Offshore Scheme may reduce their sea time requirement by attending a Sea Time Reduction (STR) course. This course should contain a minimum of 37.5 hours of tuition.


The DP Induction Course and DP Simulator Course are also required for trainees on the Shuttle Tanker Scheme. Trainee DP operators on the Shuttle Tanker Scheme are also required to complete Course A and B. Course C of the Shuttle Tanker Scheme has been withdrawn with effect from 1st January 2017.


The Revalidation Course is for existing DPOs who wish to revalidate their certificates (every five years) and are short of the required DP sea time of 150 days. This is a five day course of 34 hours duration. 



All initial training 


DP Induction Course


This course involves both theory and practice on a simulated DP system and covers the following topics:


• Principles of DP

• Elements of the DP system

• Practical operation of the DP system

• Position reference systems

• Environment sensors and ancillary equipment

• Power generation and supply and propulsion

• DP operations


DP Simulator Course


This course principally involves simulated DP operations including errors, faults and failures, giving the participants the opportunity to apply the lessons learnt in both the Induction course and the time spent during seagoing DP familiarisation. It covers the following topics:


• Practical operation of the DP system

• DP operations

• DP alarms, warnings and emergency procedures



Offshore Scheme


Sea Time Reduction Course


The period of supervised DP watchkeeping during the second block of DP sea time may be reduced by the satisfactory completion of an intensive DP simulator training course.



Shuttle Tanker Scheme


The Shuttle Tanker training scheme requires the trainee to complete the Induction and Simulator courses required by all DP trainees. In addition, Shuttle Tanker trainees must complete two additional courses:


Course A (position reference systems)


Training courses provided by the manufacturers of position reference systems. These courses are presently recognied, not accredited, by The Nautical Institute.


Course B (offshore loading)


This is a five-day simulator training course with a total of 30 hours of instruction that concentrates on shuttle tanker specific behaviours and includes exercises for a range of offshore loading installation types. This course is accredited by The Nautical Institute.



Conversion (Shuttle Tanker to Offshore)


Course C (similar to Sea Time Reduction)


This is a five-day simulator training course with a total of 37.5 hours of instruction. The course is similar to the STR course but requires that the exercises are not done in shuttle tanker operations. Unlike the STR course, there is no reduction of DP sea time requirements as a result of this course. This course is accredited by The Nautical Institute.

Course C was previously part of the initial training for the Shuttle Tanker Scheme, but was withdrawn with effect from 1st January 2017. It is now only required when converting a Shuttle Tanker DP Certificate to an Offshore DP Certificate.  





DP Revalidation Course


This is a five day, 34 hour course introduced as an alternative route for revalidation. The course is intended for those that have already been issued with a DP Certificate but are unable to revalidate their DP Certificate due to insufficient DP sea time.


In the process of accrediting a training centre to deliver the above courses, the Institute's auditors will assess and verify the centre's administrative and record-keeping processes, the training and experience of the instructors, the physical environment of the centre and the simulators/classroom equipment used to deliver courses.



DP Training Standard


The new version of the DP training standard has been split into two volumes. One for DPOs and trainee DPOs, and then a second containing further information for training centres:


The Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Accreditation and Certification Standard Vol. 1 - Training and Certification - V2 - January 2019

The Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Accreditation and Certification Standard Vol. 2 - Accreditation  - V2 - January 2019