Accredited Training Centres

Currently, 85 training centres across the world have been accredited for the conduct of courses within the requirements of The Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Scheme. 


Due to the current global health situation, The Nautical Institute has approved the below training centres to run their DP Induction Course as online training for an initial period of 6 months. Please note that this list will be updated as and when further training centres are approved. Please contact the training centre directly for further information. Details can be found on the map at the bottom of the page.


All training centres in the below table have been accredited for online training until 30/09/2020. 

Country Training Centre    Country Training Centre
Brazil Kongsberg Maritime - Brasil   Nigeria Charkin DP Centre
Brazil Vision Marine   Norway KM - Grilstad
China HICO Marine Consultants Ltd   Norway NTNU Ocean
China SMU Offshore   Philippines Compass Offshore
Croatia Apave Mare   Philippines Norwegian Training Center
Denmark Maersk Svenborg   Philippines Tidewater DPEC
Dubai Maersk DWC   Poland Akademia Morska w Szczecinie 
Egypt AASTMT, MT & SMA (Cairo)   Republic of Korea Industry Academic-ETRS
Egypt AASTMT – GE (Alexandria)   Romania Constanta Martime
India Aquanaut Dynamic Positioning Centre   Russia Admiral Makarov
India Nusi Offshore   Singapore IMS-SEA Maritime
India Oceans XV Educational   Singapore KM - Singapore
India Samundra Institute   Singapore Lerus Asia
Inida Setrac College   Singapore Swire Pacific
Indonesia PT Azureus Simulator   Sweden Kalmar Maritime Academy
Indonesia DPTC Pip Semarang   UK DP Nautical Ltd
Italy Italian Maritime Academy Technologies   UK KM - Aberdeen
Latvia Novikontas Maritime College   Ukraine Lerus
Mexico Kongsberg - Veracruz   USA KM - Houston
Netherlands STC Training & Consultancy   USA Maritime Professional Training (MPT)
Nigeria Hudson Trident Limited    USA Star Centre


Please download the list of Accredited DP Training Centres.