Consultation Process

Normally, DPTEG meets twice a year during one or two days meeting. The consultation process starts with concerns addressed and raised by each DPTEG member or industry to the Nautical Institute. The NI will collate information and in agreement with DPTEG chairman set up the agenda for discussions and consultation.


Agenda is sent out to DPTEG to consult with their members within at least 5 weeks in advance of the meeting. The Chairman of DPTEG will be a senior representative of The Nautical Institute with relevant experience who will be selected and elected through the Institute’s governance process. He/she will be supported by the NI Accreditation & Services Manager acting as the Secretary to DPTEG.


The Institute personnel will also be supported by a DP Technical Advisor who shall be a member of the Institute. The Secretary and DP Technical Advisor will be non-voting members of DPTEG. Each DPTEG member is required to provide input during the meeting. Where consensus on a proposal cannot be reached a vote of the members present, in person or electronically, or as provided prior to the meeting in writing by those absent may be taken on the basis of one member one vote. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman may exercise a casting vote. The Minutes shall record the result of such votes and shall indicate any members in disagreement with the decision.