Fees & Application

Accreditation Fees


The Nautical Institute is a not-for-profit organisation and will carry out the assessment at full cost recovery plus administrative overheads.


Typical costs are as follows:


• Pre-course assessment, reviewing documentation - two person-days

• Course assessment – two person-days x 2

• Travel and accommodation as relevant

• Expenses, taxis, meals if relevant

• Follow-up action, providing certification etc. - one person-day

• Any local tax


Daily rate: From 1 January 2023 the date rate service charge by the NI is £1067.00(including management fee) per man day.




A training provider wishing to seek Nautical Institute accreditation can do so by contacting the Institute’s Accreditation team and following this contact with a formal written request for accreditation. The form below shall be completed and sent to the Nautical Institute:


Accreditation Application Form