Shuttle Tanker

Revalidation of a Shuttle Tanker Certificate


DPOs revalidating their Shuttle Tanker Certificate need to meet one of the following criteria:


a) Revalidation of a Shuttle Tanker DPO Certificate requires participation in at least 18 offshore loading operations and one set of annual trials (or FMEA) within a five-year period OR


b) If less than 18 offshore loading operations but more than six, within the past five years. Complete Course B, followed by Phases 3 and 4 of the Shuttle Tanker Scheme OR


c) If fewer than six offshore loading operations have been conducted in the five-year period, the DPO should restart the Shuttle Tanker Scheme process at Phase 2 and complete all subsequent phases. Due to conversion, 24 days sea time can be deducted from the requirements of Phase 2, but all offshore loading operations in Pathway A or B must be completed. 


d) Where these revalidation requirements specify participation in annual trials or a FMEA test within a five-year period, in exceptional circumstances this requirement may be fulfilled by participation in an additional Simulator Course (such as Offshore Loading Phase 3) in lieu of the trials, completed during this five-year period.