How do I apply?

To revalidate your Limited/Unlimited DP Certificate if it is due to expire in 2024, you will need to:   

Apply online for revalidation confirming 150 days of DP sea time/DP activities completed in the last 5 years, 







Once you have met all the above requirements and are ready to make the online application to revalidate your certificate you should follow the steps as outlined below: 



If the sea time requirement has been met, but the CPD/Revalidation exam or courses have not yet been completed, you will still be able to submit your application, please see Option 2 on the chart and read the important information that follows. 


If Option 2 is selected, please read the following important information. 


Your sea time will remain valid. Once the requirements have been completed, log back into your account and click on submit.

Your application will then be entered into the processing queue.


If your certificate is due to expire from 1st January 2024 until 31st December 2028, and you have been unable to complete the new requirements for revalidating your certificate, you will be issued with a 12-month indemnity letter once your online application has been submitted/paid.


You must then complete the new requirements of the CPD and/or courses and resubmit your application within 12-months of the issue date of the indemnity letter to be eligible to apply. 


Note: The DPOs will be issued with an Indemnity Letter once they submit their Revalidation application, during this period they will not be able to accrue DP sea time.



For further information and guidance on the Revalidation Scheme and the New Requirements, please see the links below


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