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Logbook Guidance


There are now four Logbook Guides available; three Offshore (see below) and one Shuttle Tanker. Please ensure that you download and read the correct guide to help you complete your DP Logbook correctly. The Blue/Green and Black DP Logbooks are for use with the Old Offshore Scheme. The Grey DP Logbook with additional text "for Offshore Scheme" written on the cover, is for use only with the New Offshore Scheme that started on 1 January 2015.


Blue-Green DP Logbook - Old Offshore Guide Black DP Logbook - Old Offshore Grey DP Logbook - New Offshore Scheme
Old Offshore Scheme
Blue/Green Logbook
Small A6 size
(25 pages - Issued up to 2012)
Old Offshore Scheme
Black Logbook

Larger A5 size 
(76 pages - Issued from 2013 - December 2014)
New Offshore Scheme
Grey Logbook
Thick A5 size 
(264 pages - Issued from 2015)



Many applications for DP certificates are unsuccessful because the online application has not been completed, logbooks are completed incorrectly or incorrect documentation has been provided. Follow the relevant Logbook Guide to ensure that your logbook can be processed quickly and your certificate issued as soon as possible.

The online application must be completed before any documents are sent into The Nautical Institute's offices. Please read the correct Online Application Guide for the scheme you are on.

Once the online application has been completed, please post/courier your logbook, signed PDF Checklist, original signed and stamped confirmation letters for ALL DP sea time (including familiarisation for the Old Offshore Scheme) and any other supporting documents to:


The Nautical Institute
DP Department
202 Lambeth Road
United Kingdom


Please enclose a covering letter with your full details including email address and telephone number for contact.





Old Scheme


You can find details regarding the Old Offshore Scheme as follows:


Logbook Guide

Blue/Green DP Logbook Guide

Black Logbook Guide


Verification Guide

Verification Guide - Blue/Green Logbook

Verification Guide - Black Logbook


Online Application Guide

Old Offshore Scheme - Online Application Guide


Converting from Old onto New Scheme

If you would like to convert from the old scheme onto the new 2015 scheme you will need to surrender your logbook to have it replaced directly by The Nautical Institute. Please send the below form into our office with the required documents:

Request to convert to new scheme letter



New Scheme (From 2015)


You can find details regarding the New Offshore Scheme as follows:


Marine Vocational Qualification 

From 1st August 2016, holders of a Marine Vocational Qualification (MVQ) are able to start the Induction course with an approved DP training centre if their certificate is listed in the below document:

MVQ - Issuing Authority - V1.3 - April 2018

If your certificate is not listed, you will need to complete the approval form and email it with the relevant documents to


Logbook Guide

New Offshore Scheme Logbook Guide


Online Application Guide

New Offshore Scheme - Online Application Guide



Upgrading from Limited to Unlimited


How to upgrade to an Unlimited DP Certificate